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“Product data management is our core, digitization our challenge. We are proud of what we have accomplished, but the crucial factor for us is to look ahead.“

Sascha Riegel

CFO Mercedes-Benz Tech Motion

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With customized projects and scalable products, we are the innovative Mercedes-Benz subsidiary and the innovative digital partner for the specialist units of Mercedes-Benz. Our aspiration to be a pioneer of innovative data solutions is made visible in trend-setting topics such as "MB.WT" and "MB.OS", our game changers as we call them.They are exemplary of what we do and of our passion. We create the ultimate digital and virtual experiences around Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This gives product data management a whole new user dimension, not only for end customers but also for our entire workforce worldwide. We always follow the same principles during development: Aall our products and projects are data-driven, solution-oriented and user-centric.

Progress developed digitally,
movement experienced in real life

Data driven

Our entire range of services, all our projects and products, are based on product data: We process them, refine them, visualize them. Data are our DNA and our toolbox at the same time. We rethink data and shape product data into an innovative, meaningful whole. By striving for the highest quality and exploring all the opportunities and possibilities they offer, we get the best out of them. In this way, we can not only produce more sustainably, but also simplify international cooperation and thus increase planning security. As a result, we relieve the burden on our specialist units and at the same time inspire all drivers from the very first moment they experience their vehicle, thus launching the premium Mercedes-Benz experience.


At the heart of our daily work is the drive and ambition to transform the infinite amount of vehicle-related product data into beneficial digital solutions. To do this, we analyze data, interpret results from them, and ultimately transform data treasures into vehicle experiences. With our projects and products, we are an important partner for a wide range of product data solutions in many specialist unis of the Mercedes-Benz Group. For example, internal technical processes in the vehicle become visible, any discrepancies in the development phase are detected at an early stage, and work processes in production are explained in a comprehensible way. Likewise, our data-based products improve the user experience and services in the finished vehicle.


With all the tools we develop and all the ideas we implement, we always start at and with the people who finally will use them. If you consistently make this principle the linchpin right from the start, you almost automatically end up with products that offer comfort in the vehicle, make everyday life easier, improve processes and, above all, inspire when they are used. Whether we are developing training modules based on virtual and augmented reality for the people in manufacturing undergoing trainings, providing vehicle configuration in the digital world, or designing the software update in the vehicle to be almost identical to that on the user's own smartphone – a great, all-encompassing user experience is always created from a multitude of data.

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