DukE Test and Defect Management for Suppliers Basic Training (Online)

Kursnummer: 0375

Dauer: 3 hours
Preis: 320,00 €
Konditionen: Minimum 4, maximum 10 participants (in English)
Termine: upon agreement

Target audience

Component testing for suppliers and development service providers with reference to test and defect management for mechanical (non-E/E) testing of parts.

Educational objective

DukE is the non-E/E test and defect management tool, where all steps necessary for the testing of components/parts, from test specification to test planning and execution to defect management, are mapped.

The aim of the training is to give development service providers and suppliers an overview and in-depth insights into the DukE tool and its modules such as: test library, planning & evaluation as well as topics & measures.


  • Overview of the tool (process, rights and roles, goals).
  • Working with DukE as a development service provider and supplier from the creation of test descriptions via its planning/evaluation in individual model series/schedule/modulegroup until the issue resolving process.
  • Specific use cases in the DukE modules


  • Laptop with connection to the Mercedes-Benz network
  • MS Teams
  • In case you would like to join the exercises:
    business partner connection via GEW for DukE
  • Access to entiltlement concept DukE

If you are interested in our courses in English language please do not hesitate to contact our training facilities by e-mail. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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