Project facts

We’re “inside the firewall”

  • clear naming of replacement parts
  • Compiled catalog is the source for all systems
  • Relevant for development, logistics and trade
  • Translation into 25 languages
  • Rollout for all Mercedes-Benz markets
  • In cooperation with Daimler AG
  • Project launch: 2008

Daimler Protics has precise, comprehensive knowledge of the naming of Daimler replacement parts and the description catalog.

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One replacement part.
One name.

The range of Mercedes Benz replacement parts has grown historically. That’s how an “encoder” became a “sensor” and a simple “rubber” became an “elastomer”, for example. At one point, the freedom in naming parts literally reached its limit. During export, batches have been held at border control because naming on delivery note did not match the the label. Through our project, we’ve created a qualified designation of replacement parts that is readily available in 25 languages – for development, logistics and trade.

Analysis of the entire
parts process

Overcoming cultural

Development of
Daimler Protics’ own

Revision of
the description

Rollout in 25 languages
and in all Mercedes-Benz

Our method

Our project delivers comprehensive and global process analysis. For this we use our own process management methods within the framework of Daimler Protics’ Business Engineering.

37.5 million


Daimler Protics is a competent, reliable and very professional service provider with whom the implementation of worldwide process projects succeeds.

in implementation

We’re proud of the actual functionality we’ve achieved. Today, all participants speak a common language concerning replacement parts.

The real skill lies in the synchronization of systems during ongoing implementation and worldwide monitoring.

1.5 million

active replacement parts

Project Team

Due to international dimensions of the project, many departments from corporate side are involved, including the central functions, the entire parts-logistics division, all specialist and IT departments of the Mercedes-Benz’ parts process, as well as the worldwide wholesale and retail departments. Our Daimler Protics team was involved throughout with many experts in the process analysis, concepts, and implementation processes.

With OptiETBen, a highly motivated and competent team has significantly advanced the naming of Mercedes-Benz replacement parts worldwide.

Marcel Schwarz, Team Leader

Visions of
the project team

Every Mercedes-Benz replacement part in the future will have only one technically correct and customer-friendly name. It will apply in all systems, all languages and all markets.

Worldwide naming confusion.

With clever minds and profound expertise,

together we achieve important goals for Mercedes-Benz:

  • Consistent naming across all systems and media
  • Optimization of translation costs
  • Qualified translations