Project facts

100% Daimler — 100% expertise

  • More complex requirements from customers and markets
  • Growing range of models
  • Global impact on demand and capacity management
  • Networking of systems in a cross-functional digital process chain
  • Forward-looking planning and decisions
  • Concentrated expertise through specialists in release, training and data management

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through digital intelligence

Supply bottlenecks or significant surpluses in the production chain are a critical factor in vehicle manufacturing. The availability of specific, up-to-date data for every process participant is fundamental for optimal planning.

As specialists with strong process and product data capabilities, we consistently provide the required data in an integrated digital planning system. We ensure the reliable prediction of all demands and capacities for the manufacturing of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Training on
a global scale

To effectively train people who work with new systems and new processes, we developed our own training concept with a focus on personal communication and webinars.

So far, we’ve trained over 400 participants on 3 continents.

We offer a compact training program on-site and digitally ensure learning success. This allows us to optimally prepare employees, including central and country-specific sales planners, central capacity planners, project planners of the factories as well as delivery managers for the new systems and processes.

Simultaneously ongoing
international training


Combining expert knowledge from different areas creates an unparalleled synergy effect. Together with Daimler experts from various departments – from IT to Purchasing to Sales – we achieve an incredible result.


vehicle variants per series available to order

Agile project
management in the
rollout phase

Methods in
an agile environment

To optimally reconcile the customer’s perspective and complex data, we apply standardized methods for tests on the front and back end. For this we use a modern digital documentation and workflow system. We support the development and rollout process through agile test management, consideration of change management aspects and the application of digital shop-floor management.

A visionary
path to the future

We aim to digitally network all processes that are necessary for the optimal planning of demands and capacities – to achieve sustainable production management for our clients.

The right amount at the right place. Right on schedule.

> 2 million

vehicles per year

Active change

Our customer consistently gives us positive feedback. Over the last four years, Daimler Protics has been tasked with more and more sub-projects covering a wider scope