Project facts

Development of digital templates for the optimal driving posture
100% Daimler – 100% safety
Daimler area: Development
Daimler Protics area: Virtual Engineering

  • Ergonomics simulations
  • Use of parametric templates in Siemens NX and RAMSIS
  • Simulation of drive and reverse postures
  • Examination of the interior and exterior mirror view
  • Development of entry analysis

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project team

Experts from different areas work together
in our Ergonomics team.

Our innovation:

driving posture

Our most important analysis is the simulation of the posture of the driver. With the help of RAMSIS software, we let virtual people who are relevant based on population statistics – so-called manikins – take a seat in the vehicle


The simulation of driving postures is just one of many possibilities that the Daimler Protics Ergonomics team offers. Among other things, we also conduct research and tests on the interior mirror, exterior mirror and entry. If you’re looking for support for RAMSIS, you’ll find a competent point of contact here with us.

Comfortable and safe:

The perfect driving posture

Daimler is a manufacturer of outstanding vehicles. Through our “virtual ergonomics” project, we can simulate realistic positions of vehicle occupants already during the development stage. Through our excellent product data expertise and our knowledge of specialized processes we’re an ideal partner – we use highly sophisticated diagnostic procedures and actual development data. In the end, this guarantees a comfortable and safe posture for vehicle occupants.

A large pool
of methods

Diverse methods and highest security in dealing with sensitive data ensure excellent technological solutions. We use ergonomics methods, the CAD system Siemens NX and the ergonomics software RAMSIS.

Virtual ergonomics

for more comfort in vehicles