Project facts

Development of an augmented reality app to simplify complex functionalities and processes on the vehicle in 3D
Client: Daimler Truck AG, Global Powertrain Daimler Trucks & Buses
Daimler Protics area: Virtual Engineering

  • Visual high-end quality in AR on mobile devices

  • Interactive installation for trade fairs, events and customer centers

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Effective and precise

Our specialists design the sophisticated mixed reality solutions with a lot of creativity from prototypes to market-ready products. A well-thought-out UX design has been developed for ease of use. Precise tracking is very important. The AR application Truck Powertrain is characterized by an accurate and visually appealing representation of the 3D content. The Truck Powertrain AR application in particular is characterized by an accurate and visually appealing presentation of 3D content. This was only possible thanks to the close interdisciplinary co-working at Daimler Protics' teams and the associated pooling of know-how.

Discover more AR experiences

Our team works with a variety of disciplines within data visualisation. AR solutions with hand held devices is just one of the various disciplines in which the team excels. Whether this is Mixed Reality solution with a head mounted device (Microsoft HoloLens) or stand-alone Computer Vision solutions.

We develop new and individualized solutions that can be used across the entire value chain.

Our goal is clear: our applications and solutions are designed for the best AR experience possible.

Better than reality

We are an expert in augmented reality applications and created an innovative solution to experience a specialized use case visualizing the complex inner functionality of the various components within the powertrain. The augmented reality application offered an X-ray view of Powertrain technology such as active oil management. This allows the complicated processes to be explained in 3D by means of comprehensible visualizations.

Experience Powertrain through a virtual x-ray view

In order to make the inner processes visible, the camera stream from and IPad recognizes the powertrain and precisely super imposes 3D content onto the iPad screen. The resulting effect allows the iPad to be used as an X-ray machine, allowing the user to ‘look inside’ the powertrain and see exactly how the internal components function. The digital and the real world merge.

Presented for the first time to visitors to the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover, the fascinating app attracted a great crowd and delighted visitors with shining eyes.

The fascination of

augmented reality