Project facts:

Consistent E/E product documentation and change management


  • Exact and up-to-date documentation of E/E components
  • Provision of data for cross-sector functions of development
  • Supply of data in follow-on systems to avoid data inconsistencies

Tasks of Daimler Protics:

  • Conceptualization of PDM systems for E/E components
  • Test management
  • Change management
  • Training and system documentation
  • User support and administration

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On the way to
the digital future

The digital revolution brings a need for more electric and electronic systems – and therefore adds more complexity to vehicles. From airbags to the head-up display to the central locking system, electrics/electronics already represent a sizeable proportion of the value-added chain – and the tendency is rising.

Using our expertise, we support Daimler in its digital strategy: we manage a system in which the data of all electric/electronic components are gathered.

The result is available to all those involved in the process – from development to after-sales.

Higher quality
product data

Quality assurance

Thanks to targeted documentation, E/E data can be optimally used throughout the entire process chain. This increases the quality of vehicles and makes maintenance considerably easier. As a result, we’ve reached an important milestone in customer satisfaction.


The IT system for E/E documentation is developed by an interdisciplinary Daimler team. As a skilled partner, Daimler Protics contributes its specific expertise.

For IT system training and support, we act as an interface between the managers of components and the different data users.

Intranet Intranet


more control units
since 2002 (E-Class)

Development of
the concept

Training and
support for all


With our wide-reaching experience in methods and processes, we support Daimler’s own IT system for E/E documentation in concept work and test management.

Operationally, we’re involved in the administration and we provide full support. We offer a comprehensive qualification program and create the system documentation for the user.

Heading towards the future,
brimming with ideas

As a leading partner for Daimler on all electric/electronic documentation related topics, we support the company with great enthusiasm. It’s an area in which we’ll take on greater responsibility in the future and focus more on the modeling of processes – for sustainable solutions in digital vehicle development.

Consistent documentation
for all electric and electronic components

14 out of 18

option packages
have electric
components (E200 Coupé)

Definition of
the specification

Approximately 3000


Our client has great confidence in our competence. We receive very positive feedback from users regarding support and training.