Project facts

100% Daimler – 100% expert knowledge

  • Team: Product Lifecycle Management development
  • Documentation of the front and rear axle
  • Incorporation of short-term modifications
  • High degree of parts variance
  • Complex issues
  • Interaction with production facilities
  • Large degree of responsibility, including development, start of production and series production support

Sustainable product data management, going from the idea stage to the solution, all the way to application

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The DNA of
Daimler Protics

The success story of Daimler Protics began with the documentation of product data. Our prominent project is the documentation of the assembly of axles – a complex undertaking involving a large degree of responsibility in which enormous amounts of data must be processed and constantly updated. Capacity planning, production of single parts, the entire assembly in all assembly plants and the ordering of replacement parts worldwide: all depend on this project. We plan to continue the success of the “rear-axle assembly” project for further components and vehicles in the future. Our goal as always is to achieve an error and return rate that goes in the direction of “0”.

Research and analysis

Development of
the concept

Coordination with
specialized departments

Documentation and
constant verification

and manual

Our experienced team members currently work in a manual-analytical manner. They develop concepts, coordinate with different departments and manage the scope of documentation for the assembly of rear axles in all passenger car series. The research, analysis and operative implementation is currently carried out using a specially-developed Excel application which is constantly verified.

We’re passionate
about the project!

...and not just this one! Our documentation team works closely with relevant Daimler departments, construction specialist divisions and the production facilities. Our enthusiasm translates into 100% quality. Further projects are currently in the planning stages, and we’re looking forward to the challenge!

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Very high customer satisfaction even just with the handling of the rear axle assembly task. Daimler Protics is a valuable PDM expert in this area.

Client Testimonial, Daimler

We shape
the future

Our visions for the future are ambitious: our interdisciplinary team will grow beyond itself. It will seek and find solutions beyond competence limits and departmental boundaries. And, it will shape the innovations of Daimler Protics in the area of extended product documentation.

There are 450

possible variations for the rear-axle assembly of the current C-Class alone.

More models –
higher complexity

The variety of models and the frequency of changes to underlying structural parts pose a particular challenge. This means adjustments with the production plants and the complete release of documentation must be seamless, fast and accurate.

“intelligent” data exist?

Yes, it does! Data becomes intelligent when it delivers the exact information which is required. To do this, we’re using our interdisciplinary knowledge and experience to develop a complex Daimler Protics IT tool which takes into account both data complexity and the requirements of specialized Daimler departments.

Trending towards “0”
and “99%”

The “0” stands for:

  • no recalls due to incorrectly mounted axles
  • a significant drop in complaints from international assembly factories

The “99” stands for:

  • a high-quality parts list
  • achieving highest possible savings in production by avoiding recalls

Always in mind:
99% quality target for all product data

We meet diverse challenges with experience, agility and quality consciousness.