Our strategy

The strategy of Mercedes-Benz Tech Motion is made of seven individual fields of action. The basis for the success of our strategy is provided by our highly qualified and motivated team.

1. Product data (PDM): We bring product data to the next level by integrating Electric/Electronic and software.

Technological features within the vehicle increase more and more. This causes complexity in product data and in the management of product data.

In order to support Mercedes-Benz in building the most desirable vehicles we ensure – starting from mechanical PDM, Electric/Electronic PDM to Software PDM – a holistic management of all relevant product data along the value added chain.

2. Data driven PLM solutions: We connect and share our knowledge for process efficiency across the product lifecycle.

The new strategy of Mercedes-Benz Cars focuses on the electrification of all series models on their journey to CO2 neutrality (Ambition 2039). Ensuring sustainable economical processes in all stages of product creation is a key success factor for achieving this goal. Efficient processes and tailored solutions deliver the framework for reducing costs.

With our expert knowledge in processes, data and systems as well as specialized methodological expertise in all process stages, we provide ideal solutions for the processes and interfaces and optimize data structures as well as product data-related systems along our customers’ entire value chain.

3. Data driven products: We discover and build desirable, scalable products based on our core competencies.

Our aim is to grow with our partners. Providing attractive solutions includes a future-oriented view and one step will be to extract opportunities out of our projects to build products that are suitable for our customers‘ needs. Products can be scaled in a better way in comparison to pure projects and have more options in sales and growth.

As we are close to data and experts in evaluating data opportunities we are able to discover options to build products out of projects and to increase profitability.

4. 3D media and XR solutions: We enable digital experiences by generating premium 3D media and exciting XR solutions.

Today's customers expect a visually appealing as well as a simple, intuitive usability. Solutions must be fluently presented and should provide a unique experience. In particular, by offering a high output quality in the individual areas as well as a user-friendly experience paired with an exclusive and high-quality overall setup, we provide a luxury experience for the final customer.

For our business partners, we ensure a replicable service with the digital twin and meet the strong dynamics of always being able to have the ideal and most efficient solution within a short period of time.

5. DataOps: We decrease cycle times and ensure data quality at the earliest point possible.

Data complexity is increasing more and more as a result of many interacting systems and applications. In some cases, processes are missing the required data availability in a high or adequate, respectively, in an optimized quality. Ensuring data quality exactly when it is needed and at an early stage of the product development process speeds up processes enormously by eliminating correction loops.

We want to create added value by developing solutions/services that ensure data quality at the earliest possible stage in the value chain.

6. Performance culture: We create efficiency on a sustainable basis for the challenges of tomorrow.

In order to enhance our competitiveness, to ensure that we have a solid foundation in times of crisis, and to advance our development as a company in terms of our topics and financial strength, we must be intrinsically driven by performance in the way we work. Factors such as customer orientation, trust and motivation play a central role in achieving this goal.

We need a culture that reconciles the triangle between efficiency, effectiveness and quality of results within the company, so that the future viability of the company can be improved.

7. People@Mercedes-Benz Tech Motion: Together we create inspiring job opportunities.

Change is our daily business with dynamic and fast-paced requirements towards the ability to transform. Today‘s companies are seeking people who are dedicated to their jobs and willing to improve. An open-minded culture of change needs an environment of transparency, trust, opportunities combined with fun, support as well as balanced professional and private life. We are willing to exceed expections as it is our intrinsic motivation to succeed and improve ourselves every day.

Our aim is to create an environment offering inspiring job opportunities that motivates our people to give their very best.